Cadaver Dissection Course in Dental Implantology
18 April - 19 April 2020

Dental implantology hands-on course for advanced and complex cases on fresh human cadavers (not embalmed). During our hands-on-workshops you will perform standard and advanced procedures in dental surgery, focusing on the most recent implant technologies and soft tissue management.

1750.00 EUR ( 1888.95 USD - 11510.1 TL )
Cadaver Dissection Course - 1750.00 EUR
Cadaver Dissection Course & 3 Night Accommodation - 2155.00 EUR


  • Course Tag Number
  • Faculty
    Dr. Norbert Fock
    Dr. Becen Demir
  • Starting Date & Time
    18.04.2020 - 09:00
  • Planned Finishing Time
    19.04.2020 - 17:00
  • Destination
  • Venue
    Vienna Medical University Anatomy Training Center
  • Teaching Method
    Theoretical lectures
    Hands-on training on fresh human cadavers
  • Language
  • Translation Feature
    English to Turkish
  • Contact Person
    Yunus Goktas
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Dental Implantology Hands-on Course for Advanced and Complex Cases On Fresh Human Cadavers (not embalmed)

Since 1997 “Vienna Human Cadaver Dissection Courses” has been an outstanding platform for highly professional postgraduate training for both dental implantology as well as for aesthetic surgery. In more than 200 workshops doctors from 60 nations on all continents have contributed to the high reputation of the courses within the academic world.
During our hands-on-workshops you will perform standard and advanced procedures in dental surgery, focusing on the most recent implant technologies and soft tissue management.

Practical & Theoretical Session

After a very short theoretical introduction of the surgical procedure by the lecturer you can monitor the live surgery on the flat screen close to you. You accompany each detail in “real time”, simulating a close 1:1 reality on your “patient”.
After the teaching and the instruction you will perform the surgical training on the fresh skull, guided by us, step by step. Two doctors are assigned to one fresh (not embalmed) skull, a well trained team is always around you to help and assist.
There will always be a focus on pitfalls and danger zones for each surgical procedure. There is absolutely no need to be intimidated or concerned with your anatomy and surgery knowledge as you are guided through the entire process.
80-90% of the course time is hands-on training after in in-depth explanation.

Course Description

The participants will perform Oral Implant Surgery Techniques as described in Topics.  80% of the course are hands-on with 20% lectures about the techniques and live or video taped dissection/operation (displayed on screen), all step by step.
A maximum of two participants will be assigned to a fresh and not embalmed human cadaver skull - a „close to reality“ simulation of the surgical procedures.

• Implant palcement
• Bone harvesting techniques: chin+ramus+palate
• GBR augmentation techniques
• Maxillary sinus elevation techniques
• Epithelial-connective tissue graft harvesting techniques from the palate
• Dissection of anatomical danger zones:
      - Lingual+inf. alveolar+mental+infraorbicular nerve,
      - palatine+facial+submental artery


The completely new, technically highly advanced ANATOMY TRAINING CENTER of the Medical University of Vienna has been inaugurated in 2008. That venue guarantees the best standard for a privileged post graduate training and is a real state of the art location for fresh cadaver dissection courses in Europe.

Reasons to Attend

For doctors in training the course has several advantages:
. The only anatomical and surgical step by step hands on dissection course to facial surgeons.
. Extensive knowledge is not a prerequisite.
. We teach you in a friendly & easy-to-learn environment.
. We know your needs and how to meet them and we focus on pitfalls in facial surgery.

The advanced participants have the opportunity:
• To try procedures he/she want to do on a patient in the future.
• To detect how close one usually is to delicate anatomical structures.
• This is a full face and neck surgical procedure course where you perform all the procedures.
• See, touch and explore the different anatomical planes, fascia, muscles, nerves, arteries, veins, organs, etc.
• providing you with an incomparable surgical learning experience.
• See structural anomalies.
• We only utilize professional facilities.
• The facial dissection/operation course will be held at the University of Vienna, Medical School


Are the skulls embalmed and can i get diseases from the cadavers?
The skulls are not embalmed and have been frozen before use in the dissection room. The skulls are washed and prepared before the course and are handled in the most aesthetic way to make sure that the dignity of the donor is respected. No information will be provided to you about the donor's history. All donors have no record of infectious diseases; nevertheless you are instructed to handle with care.

How many doctors are assigned to a cadaver?
There are just two doctors assigned to each cadaver, which makes the hands-on course unique.

How much hands-on dissection will i perform?
90% of the seminar is hands-on dissection 10% is a lecture with instructual information and recorded "master-dissection"

How can I arrange to dissect on the same cadaver with a friend?
Table assignments are free of choice to you

Can I take photographs of the cadaver or of the surgical procedure?
Respect for the bequeathed does not allow for still or video photographs in the dissection room.

What happens with the cadaver after the seminar?
The remains are cremated and the University holds a common burial in honour of the bequeathed who have donated their bodies to science.

Is the hands-on seminar held in a special type of lab?
The Center of Anatomy and Cell Biology at the Medical University of Vienna has a long history of dissecting courses for students and doctors.The room where you will work on your cadaver is very large and designedfor 120 students. Nevertheless we will not run hands-on courses for groups larger than 40 participants. By utilizing the anatomy lab we are guaranteed a facility with a special ventilation system, proper lighting, special stainless steel tables and large wash areas.

What kind of clothing should I wear?
Casual, comfortable clothes are suggested. Remember that you are a guest of the Vienna Medical University so please dress appropriately.You will not be permitted in the Lab with shorts, sandals etc. Preferably some type of sport shoe, since the floors are slippery when wet.

Is there a written test during or upon completing the seminar?
No test is given during or at the end of the seminar.

Should I be concerned about my anatomy knowledge?
There is absolutely no need to be intimidated or concerned with your anatomy knowledge because we will guide you through the entiredissection process. We know your needs and how to meet them.

Is there additional staff to help me?
The support staff for the seminars is a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals that have been involved with these kinds of seminars for years.

How long have you been conducting this kind of seminar?
We have been conducting postgraduate seminars specifically designed for dental surgeons and facial surgeons since 1997.

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